I remember photo book (2019)



On July 4th 2018, two artists from two different countries met at a 110 year old elementary school in Gunma, Japan to a record song titled We Stay Here. misi Ke (Taiwan) and okamotonoriaki (Japan) chose this meeting place because it is like a bridge that not only connects the past to the future, but also has the ability to accept anything and anyone. It is because of this freedom that allowed them to truly be there, unequivocally, in that moment.

Though everything passes, and time continues, they can always choose to be there.






145 x 173mm


32 pages

B/W + Color pages
Limited edition numbered of 200

You Stay Here photo book (2016)


$25    $20

"I liked it when you lied to me, saying you will stay"

Poetry by Misi Ke






185 x 235mm


57 pages 


Limited edition numbered of 500

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